Philip Hoffman


Your Children's Happiness  

“An affair to remember...hug it to your heart!”

–The New York Post

“I can’t get enough of the original cast album of the

Harvey Feirstein–John Bucchino A CATERED AFFAIR.”

–New York Daily News

“The new cast recording reveals one of the most original and

emotionally satisfying scores in years.”

–Associated Press

“A celebration of life: witty, wise and moving!”

–USA Today

“The exquisite beauty of the music captivates!”


      1  Prologue

      2  Partners

      3  Ralph and Me

      4  Married

      5  Women Chatter

      6  No Fuss

      7  Your Children's Happiness

      8  Immediate Family

      9  Our Only Daughter

     10 Bridal Scene

     11 One White Dress

     12 Vision

     13 Don't Ever Stop Saying "I Love You"

     14 I Stayed

     15 Married (reprise)

     16 Coney Island

     17 Don't Ever Stop Saying "I Love You" (reprise)

     18 Coney Island (reprise)