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In Search Of and Others                  by Will Ludwigsen

Fifteen short stories of strangeness and mystery.

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Dostoyevsky’s The Used and Abused  

A love story, an orphan girl, a scheming aristocrat, a father who disowns his daughter.  A vivid re-telling of this colorful novel.

A new version by Robert Armin

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Shadow of the Wendigo                    by Dale T. Phillips

In the snowy Canadian wilderness, agent Sean Laporte is sent to investigate a series of gruesome crimes and a terrifying legend.

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Anatomies: A Cultural History of the Human Body

An eye-opening, heartwarming tour through the extraordinary history and secrets of the human body.

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Faith In A Seed                  by Henry David Thoreau

One of Henry D. Thoreau's last important research and writing projects.  (But seriously, recommended for Thoreau fans only.)

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True Crime  (x3)

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These ROMANCE titles were narrated by "MAX MARTIN"

Your Wild Heart

Wildlife biologist Isabelle Acker meets sexy park ranger Wyatt Powell.

His Wolf sits up and takes notice.

Tempting the Wolf

Alanna Kemp possesses the rare gift of mind control. Nothing will stop her

from keeping the existence of shifters a secret from humans —

            until she meets a sexy human doctor  ...