Philip Hoffman


Sixth Transistion  

Philip Hoffman & Adriane Lenox  

Cast (order of appearance)

Meg                     Amy M. Young

Bunker               Ron Butler

Ru                    Danny Burstein

K.T.                    Christine Toy

Terry                    Rick Crom

Scotty               Adriane Lenox

Dory                    Cass Morgan

Tyler                    James Hindman

Beth                    Anne Bobby

Jerome               Philip Hoffman

Gussie               Michele Pawk

Joe Josephson          Paul Harman

Charley Kringas     Adam Heller

Mary Flynn          Amy Ryder

Franklin Shepard     Malcolm Gets

TV Newsman          Ron Butler

TV Newswoman     Amy M. Young

Stage Manager     James Hindman

Make-Up Artist          Cass Morgan

Floor Monitor          Danny Burstein

Frank, Jr.               Jonathan Flanagan

Mr. Spencer          Rick Crom

Pianist               Danny Burstein

Mrs. Spencer           Cass Morgan

Minister                Ron Butler

Girl Auditioning          Cass Morgan

Act One

·     Merrily We Roll Along .... Company

·     That Frank .... Frank and Guests

·     First Transition .... Beth, Joe, Jerome, Scotty, Terry

·     Old Friends (Part I) .... Mary, Charley

·     Like It Was .... Mary

·     Franklin Shepard, Inc. .... Charley

·     Second Transition .... Tyler, Ru, Dory, Meg, Bunker, Scotty, K.T., Jerome, Terry

·     Old Friends (Part II) .... Mary, Frank, Charley

·     Growing Up .... Frank, Gussie

·     Third Transition .... Meg, Dory, Scotty, Ru, Jerome, Tyler, K.T., Terry, Bunker

·     Not a Day Goes By (Part I) .... Beth

·     Now You Know .... Mary and Company

Act Two

·     Act Two Opening .... Gussie

·     It's a Hit! .... Joe, Frank, Charley, Mary, Beth

·     Fourth Transition .... Dory, Jerome, Scotty, Meg, Bunker, Ru, Tyler, Terry, K.T.

·     The Blob .... Gussie and Company

·     Growing Up (Part II) .... Gussie

·     Good Thing Going .... Charley, Frank and Company

·     Fifth Transition .... Dory, Jerome, Scotty, Bunker, Meg, Tyler, Terry, K.T.

·     Bobby and Jackie and Jack .... Charley, Beth, Frank, Pianist

·     Not a Day Goes By (Part II) .... Beth, Mary, Frank

·     Sixth Transition .... Jerome, Scotty

·     Opening Doors .... Frank, Charley, Mary, Joe, Girl Auditioning, Beth

·     Seventh Transition .... Frank, Jr., Beth, Mrs. Spencer

·     Our Time .... Frank, Charley, Mary and Company